We know that while we think certain links need to be retired, you may not agree.

So here, sort of in the order they were retired, for your viewing pleasure are some of the links that have been retired from the top page of driveway cam but may still be near and dear to your veiwing heart. (If you let us know which ones they are we can call them back into service). Some of them simply may not work anymore (which might be why they got retired, but we tried to weed those out)

the Turangi River (New Zealand)

The Empire State Building

Alberta's Sulpher Mountain [click picture for full size view]

Links to BBC Cams all over England

A man, A plan, A Canal, Panama

Additional Air Quality Cam links

A new South Pole Cam

Hawaii Volcano Eruption Cam

Elephant Seal Cam

Penguins at the Zoo

Live from Cedar Point (click on either cam picture)

Shakespearian Insult Generator

Growing Cactus Cam (except it's not really a cactus, but you can still watch it grow)

Rochester Knitting Guild

Virtual Dog who does tricks - tell him to roll over (then try other commands)

The mystery site goes inter-active.

Where's Elmo? See if you can find him

A Birdfeeder in Derby, Derbyshire

U.S. Population Counter

Other raptor Cam Nest Links

Farmers Almanac Cam

Mussel Cam (may give moss cam a run for it's money)

2007 Nests/Egg Tote Page

A laundry in Japan

Rat Cam (what can be said?)(takes a few seconds to load. Be patient)

2007 Leaf Peeping Page

Live cam for Fountain Square reconstruction in Cincinnati

Santa's Site

Roach Cam

Gas Station Cam

Trial Site as of 2/11/08 -Sushi Bar in Rochester

Bear Cub Cam

Trial Site as of 3/20/08 - UCLA Tower Cam

Trial Site as of 4/10/08 - Library Ghost Cam

Trial Site as of 5/02/08 - Churchill Paddock Cam

Trial Site as of 5/08/08 Lamb Cam (5 hrs ahead of Eastern)

South Pole

2008 Nests/Egg Tote - Retired as the season ended, back next year!

Trial Site as of 5/14/08 - Earthquake Locator

Trial Sites(1) and (2) as of 7/26/08 - Money & US Mint Games

Trial Site as of 8/11/08 - Bubble Wrap!

Eiffel Tower

Trial Site as of 8/18/08 - A Variety of Activities

Trial Site as of 9/23/08 - A Parking Lot

Trial Site as of 10/15/08 - Charleston, WVa

Turtle Cam

Trial Site as of 11/11/08 - The Commons in Ithaca

This bird feeder is in Walden, Vermont.

Naked Mole Rat Cam

Trial Site as of 12/14/08 - Flamingo Cam

2008 Leaf Peeping Time

Trial Site as of 1/1/09 - Monroe Ave YMCA

Trial Site as of 1/09/09 - A ledge in Rome

Trial Site as of 1/24/09 - The Acropolis

Winter at the Ski Jump Cam

Searching for Snow, retired (a little early) for the 08-09 season

Trial Site as of 2/01/09 - Bee Cam!

Trial Site as of 4/30/09 - Barrow Ice Cam

Trial Site as of 6/06/09 - Paint Ball Cam

2009 Nest Links and Egg Tote

Trial Site as of 8/25/09 - Lake Cam, Maine

Wind Farm in NJ

Badger Cam! (is this a great planet or what?)(1:00(ish)-4:00(ish) EDT)

2009 Leaf Peeping Links

Shuttle Countdown Clock

Trial Site as of 10/04/09 - Sea Wall in Texas

Trial Site as of 01/09/10 - Bakery in Illinois

2010 Olympic Links

Trial Site as of 03/01/10 - Snow in Kimmirut Canada

2009-10 Snow Watching Links

Granite Island Cams - great, just acting hinky of late

Trial Site as of 04/08/10 - Hammock Cam

Butterfly Conservatory Cam (in 30 second updates when it's working)

Heliocorder Cam (warning, may be addicting)

Dinosaur Cam

2010 Nests & Egg Tote Page

Oil Spill Trackers

Trial Site as of 06/07/10 - Fountain Square Cincinnati

Trial Site as of 10/22/10 - University of Arizona

The Pyramids; temporarily (we hope) offline

Trial Site as of 11/25/10 - Cranberry Bog

Trial Site as of 12/03/10 - Snow Man Cam

Lake Cam; not working as of 1/24/11

2010 Leaf Peeping

Trial Site as of 01/05/11 - Skating at Sun Valley

The Moss Cam! (you can't make this stuff up)(sadly seems to be offline for now)

Snow Tubing Cam

10-11 Snow Watching Links

Trial Site as of 06/18/11 - A Mall in Canada

Grape Vine Cam - not working as of 6/29/11

A down under Lantern Cam - not working as of 7/10/11

Dust Cam - not working as of 7/4/11

2011 Nest Watching

Underwater Cam (swapped out for Krill Cam)

Last 15(or so) pictures (the slightly redundant cam retired in the fall cleanup)

Krill Cam (not working as of 9/22/11)

Trial Site as of 07/07/11 - Foucault Pendulum (site not working as of 10/5/11)

2011 Leaf Peeping

Trial Site as of 10/06/11 - Duluth Bridge Cam

Corn field in Iowa

2011-12 Snow Watching Links are here!

Online Ice Skating

Fairs and Snow

Ice on or off a lake in Ohio

Trial Site as of 4/18/11 - Deck of Intrepid (replaced Ice on Erie cam above on front page)

2012 Nest Watching retired for the season

2012 Leaf Peeping retired for the season

Trial Site as of 9/1/12 - Telescope Cam

Trial Site as of 12/13/12 - UK's Shortest Pier

Trial Site as of 12/29/12 - Puppies!

2012-13 Snow Watching retired for the season

Deck of Intrepid (seems to be gone) :(

2012-13 December/Seasonal Links retired for the season

2012-13 Ice Skating retired for the season

Trial Site as of 5/16/13 - A front porch

What's the Weather on 07/13/11? ~OR~ Previous What's the Weather Days

Trial Site as of 8/13/13 - Andy Warhol's Grave

Wind Farm in Maine

2013 Nest Watching retired for the season

2013 Leaf Peeping retired for the season

2013-14 Snow Watching links retired for the season

2013-14 Seasonal Views retired for the season

2013-14 Ice-skating links retired for the season

Cherry Blossom Festival Blossoms Cam

Trial Site as of 4/07/14 - Chimney Rock

Uninhabited Island Cam

Black Footed Feret Cam

MeerKat Cam

Volcano Cam (Mt St Helens)

Flamingo Cam

2013-14 Snow Watching Links retired for the season.

The Near Jessie Geographically Cameras

2014 Nest Watching

Inhabited Island Cam (until Uninhabited Island Cam returns)

Trial Site as of 5/28/14 ~ The Parking Lot of the Alpine Motel

All of the Holiday/Seasonal Links for 2015!

2014-15 Fairs Watching ~ specifically

2014-15 Snow Watching ~ specifically

2014-15 Ice Skating Watching ~ specifically

2014 Leaf Peeping

Trial Site as of 10/2/14 ~ African Watering Hole

2015 Nest Watching!

Trial Site as of 3/30/15 ~ Flamingos in Sarasota

All of the Holiday / Seasonal Links for 2015-16

2015-16 Snow Watching ~ specifically

2015-16 Christmas Fairs Watching ~ specifically

2015-16 Ice Skating Watching ~ specifically

2015-16 Lights Watching ~ specifically

2015 Leaf Peeping

Trial Site as of 1/4/16 ~ Utah

2016 Nest Watching!

Trial Site as of 5/15/16 ~ Brighton Michigan

Trial Site as of 10/17/16 ~ Circleville OH Pumpkin Festival

Trial Site as of 10/25/16 ~ Medford, OR

Sea Lion Cave Cam

2016 Leaf Peeping

Trial Site as of 11/26/16 ~ Furman Theater Cam

All of the 2016-17 December/Seasonal Links

2016-17 Snow Watching

2016-17 Christmas Fairs Watching

2016-17 Ice Skating Watching

2016-17 Lights Watching

Trial Site as of 04/08/17 ~ Wildlife Feeder, Houghton, MI

Trial Site as of 05/16/17 ~ Icelandic Island

2017 Nest Watching

Trial Site as of 05/31/17 ~ Gharb Gerano Square

2017 Leaf Peeping

Ant Farm Cam

RIT ~OR~ Another RIT view ~OR~ Pick a New RIT View

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