~~~~ Quiz Two of Two Thousand Seventeen! ~~~

As the summer road traveling season gets into full swing a quick quiz for our viewers (before you leave... no drivewaycam viewing, or quizzling while driving!) But it's an easy one because it is summer and we don't want you to be late leaving for your adventures! (Plus you haven't answered Quiz #1 yet and we don't want you to get in a jam over the quizzes). So ~ since we want to make sure all our viewers can find their way back from their road travels our quiz is:

How many and what are the numbers of the Interstate Highways that run coast to coast (north-south), and how many and what are the numbers of the ones that run border-to-border (east-west)??


Plot out your answer and get it to us in a speedy manner (adhering to all local limits!) or use email to get it here and be the first answer to arrive at the quizzler answer destination! If you have to hit the road before you figure it out ~ be sure to wait for a rest area with WIFI to get back to us while on your long (but probably not winding if you're on the Interstate system) road! You can still be the first winner of the year on this second quiz of the year (and if you want to answer Quiz 1 please feel free) ~

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