Some Northern Coastal Views for Beach/Wave/Weather/Watching

Lake Erie

Ashtabula's view of Lake Erie

MoreLake Erie

Lake Superior, from Duluth MN

Lake Superior, from Eagle Harbor, MI

Lake Superior, from Copper Harbor, MI

Lake Michigan, near Holland State Park

Lake Michigan, from Grand Haven MI

Lake Michigan, from Washington Island

Lake Michigan, Chicago, IL

Lake Michigan, St. Joseph, MI

Lake Ontario from Webster

Lake Ontario from Oak Orchard

Lake Huron, from Ludington

Lake Huron

Lake Huron, near Kincardine Harbour

NOAA's Great Lakes Cams

North Woods Camera Collection

A sort of moving coastline (if you will) in the North

Picture found on http://www.michiganfishingonline.com/lakesuperiorfishing.html

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