Sun's Up ~ For a Fair-thee-Well Up North....

and if you are too, check out some of these lovely views available almost all night long
(a small collection of our regular views as well as some posted just for insomniac viewing)

And in case you aren't sure where it's daylight ~
check here

Iceland ~
More Iceland ~
and/or here as well ~

Norway ~
Sweden ~
Finland ~

all over Alaska (some of our favorites):
at Homer Bay ~
in Fairbanks ~
at Potter Marsh ~
and in Anchorage ~
as well as here ~
and of course here ~

More Icelandic insomniac views ~

More Finnish insomniac views ~

More Swedish insomniac views ~

And here is a lovely Video of the sun NOT setting in Norway to enjoy anytime ~

Taken in Norway, click for larger view

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