Saturday, March 17th 2018

Before we head out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day we want to wish Mike a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Here's to a great day and the start of a wonderful year ahead!!! Some folks in Ireland are celebrating for you Mike and we always love to check in on them ~ any time, but especially on St. Patrick's Day! So without further ado it's off to O'Shea's and of course The Temple Bar as well. Top 'o the morning to ya and enjoy the views ~ (Rochester's St. Patrick's Day Parade starts at 12:30 and you can watch it here)

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Driveway Cam! (even better than paint drying)

Camera runs 24/7 (as much as possible) but remember ~ dark is dark after all


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Friday, March 16th 2018
~ Running beyond late today.... we heard while out running errands that Louise Slaughter passed away. She was an amazing force for bi-partisanship, for women, and for Monroe County and we are sad that her stay here is over. Before we head to the views to ponder and watch the day go by, we wish James Madison (father of the constitution)(and 4th President) a Happy 261st Birthday, or would if he were here. And we wish all the teams still in March Madness the best of weekends ~ lots of cold and some snow due around here anyway so a good weekend to stay in, eat soup, and watch basketball ~ and the views too of course ~

Thursday, March 15th 2018 ~ The Ides of March they are upon us ~ the Hinckley Buzzards are due back today ~ and so is the MADNESS! [Are your brackets filled out? (ours are in progress....)] We wish we were in Hinckley to help watch for the buzzards, and we wouldn't mind being in Charlotte, or Boise, or Dallas, or Nashville, or Pittsburg, or Detroit, or San Diego, or Wichita either, to help watch the madness get underway. However, it's all watchable here, well the views are anyway and the games too for that matter. And in between viewing, while you are bewaring the Ides, also beware the low flying buzzards should you be in Hinckley ~

Wednesday, March 14th 2018 ~ This is a very sad PI day as we have to say goodbye to Stephen Hawking. But that he left on PI day, Einstein's birthday, makes us smile we have to confess. So pie all around ~ have a slice of your favorite ~ in fact have a little more than 3 slices! :) We got some beautiful snow this PI day. We understand how some people say they don't like snow... but we do not understand how anyone can not like the wonder of it. And this was the best branch hugging kind. It's simply beautiful out there, crappy driving conditions and all. So here's to snow and pie and if you don't have a favorite pie (is that possible?) you can try this one today to see if it makes the cut ~ and try a slice of some physics today as well.

Tuesday, March 13th 2018 ~ Today's Happy Birthday (well Happy We Finally Found You Day) is for Uranus discovered this day in 1781 by William Hershel. Our 7th planet from the sun is a gas giant so in it's honor we'll take a look in here before heading out to the other views ~ and before getting our brackets ready for the start of...... MARCH MADNESS.... it all begins tonight at 6:40 ~ happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 12th 2018 ~ Here's a surprise, we're running late ~ so a quick Happy Birthday to Jack Kerouac and then we're setting out on the road (as it were) to the views!

Sunday, March 11th 2018 ~ We are tired... not just the blurbettes, but the entire country (okay,except those folks in Arizona and Hawaii) ~ that's 318,891,818 of us stumbling around with some sleep deprivation. (And because we enjoy these numbers and can't resist doing it...) At an hour per person, that's 13,287,159 days gone, or 36,403 years vaporized in the blink of a (sleepy) eye! Don't panic too much ~ while we'll never get those 36 millennia back, we will get at least 36 more back come autumn. Meanwhile, be careful out there people. Might be safer to stay home and watch the views than to wander out there in person among the tired and possibly over-caffeinated. Nap in between the views ~ we have a lot of catching up to do!     :) (click on picture to see the clocks dance)

Saturday, March 10th 2018 ~ We are beyond late, and were this tomorrow we'd be an hour later! So that and this reminder that we set the clocks ahead over night and it's on to the views on this lovely Saturday ~ which is the very day in 1876 that the first discernible speech was transmitted over a telephone system when Alexander Graham Bell summoned his assistant in another room by saying, “Mr. Watson, come here; I want you.” While to many that seemed to be the stuff of science fiction it wasn't until this very day in 1926 that the first issue of Amazing Stories, the first magazine devoted solely to science fiction, appeared (with a cover date of April 1926). We wonder what science (fact and fiction) will be in between the views this day of this year ~ only one way to find out...

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