Here are links to pictures from visits, random Driveway pictures, family links etc etc etc. Enjoy!

... 2016 Christmas
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Drew's Graduation
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2016 Lake Vacation
coming soon
Lydia's Graduation
Ellie's Graduation
coming soon
2015 Christmas and 2016 New Years
coming soon
Haydon's Graduation
coming soon
Jessie's Graduation 2014 Decorating the Tree
coming soon
2014 Virtual Lake Vacation Branaman's Graduation Driveway resealing 6/03/2014 2013 Decorating the Tree 2013 Keuka Lake Vacation
2012 Decorating the Tree 2012 Honeoye Lake Vacation Driveway resealing 5/19/2012 2011 Decorating the Tree 2011 Honeoye Lake Vacation
Flamingo Wedding Fling Garden Victories Chase's Page Recipes on Driveway Cam Driveway resealing 6/10/2011
Bman turns 15/James doubles that Jessie's and Haydon's Graduation Hannah's Graduation Haydon Singing in the Rain Jessie in the News
2010 New Year's Eve/Amy's 50th 2010 Decorating the Tree December 2010 Viewer's Snow Collection Jessie and Ellie in the News July 2010 Visit
Driveway resealing 5/27/2010 2010 Viewer's January/February Snow Collection 2009 Christmas and New Year's Eve 2009 Decorating the Tree 2009 Seneca Lake Vacation
Lexi's First Day of PreSchool July Visit 2009 Ellie's Picture in the News KY visit for Lydia's Graduation Lilac Festival 2009
Catching Clores on WebCams Em in Washington 2009 2008 Decorating the Tree Halloween 2008 Driveway resealing 9/16/2008
2008 Keuka Lake Vacation Catch The CoyQueen Game Catches Cheryl's Odometer August 30, 2008 July Visit 2008 Our first sixtieth
March '08 Snow Storm February '08 Total Lunar Eclipse December's group shot from Jeff's 2007 tree elves Thanksgiving 2007/Cheryl's 50th
Driveway Cam view of Thanksgiving 2007 Halloween 2007 The sidewalk before and after 2007 Keuka Lake Vacation The Bman and Hannah and Cheryl visit
KY visit for Graduation Kiss Me Kate New Year 2007 & Mark's 50th in KY Clores Visit in October '06 Driveway Cam from the Air
Keuka Lake 2006 Vacation Pictures Adam and Jessie's Pictures in the News Hannah's Picture in the News The '06 resealing - minute (or two) by minute (or two) Lexi's Link
Hannah in Character/Little Shop of Horrors Cheryl's Odometer March 27, 2006 Cheryl/Mike Portrait The Cousins 2006 New Year's in KY
Clores Visit for Thanksgiving '05 Page Knitting to the Rescue Sale Pictures And just in case you missed it ~ Charlie's 80th Birthday trip to England (still not fixed) Driveway Cam Iced In Terror on the Driveway eye!
The timelapse shoveling of 2005 Summer 2005 Spruce Up for the Hydrant! Random shots from random cams (Badger cam, Nest cams, Driveway Cam etc) Previous First Shot of the Morning Shots (last 31 days) Previous Special Birthday's
Saturn's Swan Song Subaru's Debut 2007 Tuba Concert The Huh? Pages All of the Lake Vacations

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