~~~~ Some Fairly Seasonal Viewing ~~~

* If you can't be there... You can watch here ..... *

  • A fair in Holland

  • A fair in St Polten (Austria)

  • The fair in Rothenburg (Germany)

  • A fair in France (loads slowly)

  • Here is A lovely fair view in Czechoslovakia

  • Here is one in Belgium

  • Here is a fair in Hamburg (Germany)

  • This one is in Freiburg (Germany)

  • Even more in Germany with this one in Dortman (Germany)

  • And almost last but not least is the one in Cologne (Germany)

  • All sorts of Fair Cams (click inside picture frames for larger views)

  • And Many, Many, MANY! more to choose from!!!

  • Picture saved from The Fair (camera 3) in Vienna

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