~ Lights Watching 2017-18 ~

Some of these are repeat links we've used elsewhere, but they are too good not to repeat!
And if you have other favorites... let us know, we'll add them!

*~ Gotta Love the Christmas Lights! ~*

  • Lights abound in Leavenworth, WA

  • Jackson Hole, WY

  • A beautiful cam in Amsterdam
    (always good, lights are best at night (their night))

  • Montpellier in lights
    (several to pick from this year ~ place de la Comédie is still our favorite for the lights)

  • Stockholm in lights

  • Christmas tree in Oregon

  • Lights in Detroit, MI

  • Christmas tree in Australia

  • Lights *YOU* can turn on and off!

  • Christmas tree in Pittsburgh, PA
    (complete with skating rink!)

  • Christmas tree in Kennebunkport, ME

  • And one in New York, NY

    a house not too far from the driveway (but not the one directly behind the driveway!)

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